Transformers Slot

transformers slotGigantic transforming robots will always be an awesome sight, that’s why Transformers: Ultimate Payback has become such a successful slot game.

The Game

Transformers: Ultimate payback is an incredibly nostalgic trip back to childhood for any Transformers fan.

This Transformers Slots game features the now iconic 80’s designs of the iconic rambunctious robots, with the occasional recognisable line of “Transform” and “Roll out” being thrown around for good measure.

The Controls

Transformers: Ultimate Payback is pretty straightforward to play. It features five reels and twenty five paylines to play across. Gameplay is fairly customisable as players can select the number of lines and the amount being bet on the lines.

Wagers are made in game credits and the minimum amount you can wager is just five credits and the maximum is 125 credits.

The number of lines and credits per turn can be altered using the (+) and (-) symbols to increase or decrease the amount.

Once you’re ready hit ‘Play’.


Transformers: Ultimate Payback has some pretty interesting features to it.

The Wilds are expanding Wilds so whenever you get an Autobot or Decepticon Wild appearing on the second and fourth reels, they’ll expand across it transforming it into a huge Wild.

Next is the Cybertron Wild, this will give players a multiplier of up to 10x when it’s activated on the third reel.

Finally there’s the payback bonus.

This is activated by hitting the ‘Bonus’ symbol of Optimus on reel one Megatron’s face on the fifth reel, causing Optimus and Megatron to battle at the bottom of the screen.

Players just have to choose what side they’ll support, the Autobots or the Decepticons. Each bot has an energy bar that’s depleted when they lose a round. If you manage to pick the winner, you’re awarded a prize of a multiplier depending on how many units of energy the winner has left in their life bar.

You’ll get a 6x multiplier if you finish with just two power bar indicators remaining, but you’ll get a 20x if you take no damage at all.

Don’t worry if you pick the losing side as there’s also a 4x multiplier applied, so you’ll still walk away from this mode with a nice prize.

Where to Play

There’s quite a large list of places that you can play the fantastic Transformer slots online, some even provide Transformers slots free play options for you to practice the game first.

But why scroll through site after site when we can give you a selection of what we think is the best sites to play on.

  • Harry Casino
    Harry Casino have a very generous three stage bonus offer of up to £100 cash match and one hundred free spins on Starburst first. Then there’s 50% up to £50 on second deposit with fifty spins on Starburst. Before finally it’s a huge 150% bonus of up to £150 and one hundred and fifty spins on Starburst.
  • Lucky Nugget Casino
    Lucky provide new members with a cash match bonus of 100% up to £100. So say you deposit £10, well then you’ll get another £10 back on top of that giving you £20 to play around with.
  • Vera John
    Vera John has an excellent welcome bonus of 100% up to £100 on your first deposit. They also have a huge selection of games for you to have a go on.

Something to Consider

If you’re going to be playing this game there’ something you should take into consideration, there’s been a recent crackdown on gambling providers that use kids cartoon characters as their mascots.

Recently Transformers Battle for Cybertron came under fire from the UK Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) for having Optimus Prime appear on various newspaper adverts with a sign saying players can win £30,000 playing Transformers Battle for Cybertron.

Of course the complaints were directed towards the idea that this could cause children and young people under 18 to start gambling and was since deemed “Irresponsible”.

This will no doubt affect how online casino game providers will be able to advertise their games.

However, although this hasn’t had any direct impact on Transformers: Ultimate Payback, it could lead to the game possibly being removed in future to avoid further issues from the ASA.

So get in and play it whilst you still can.